Worms Make Debut in Charleston’s Parks

We talk nonstop about adding organic matter back to our soils. We recently found a new product made locally that is being used to topdress the planting beds where mature plantings are now growing. Vermiculture, or worm composting, allows food wastes to rapidly break down, while producing high quality compost and fertilizing liquid. Best of all, it’s self-contained and nearly odorless. A local company called Organic Gardening Supply has gone into the business of using worms to do just that, but on a grand scale.

They take “green garbage”, mix it with leaves and yard waste, add worms and put it in large bins. The worms get busy eating it as worms tend to do and before long the bins are filled with worm castings. The converted garbage and yard waste is then ready for the next step. It is place through a seperating, hand powered contraption that takes the worms out and leaves the compost behind.  The worms are then reintroduced into a new garbage bin where the whole process starts again.

It isn’t that high tech at this point but does produce a fantastic finished worm compost that the soil microorganisms can continue breaking down releasing nutrients that the plant roots can use to for successful growth. Worm tea is also a by-product of the worm composting. Mixed in water, it can be applied right over the plants and onto the soil. Just don’t mix it up and drink a glass for lunch!

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