Work Ready to Begin at Colonial Lake

Renovation of one of Charleston’s iconic parks is about to begin. Construction on Colonial Lake is expected to start on Monday, Jan. 19. The contractor, Wildwood Landscape Contractors, will begin work by installing the silt fence, tree protection and temporary construction fencing to secure the site. Once the fencing and tree protection are in place, demolition work and preparation for drainage work will begin.

“The park will be closed for the duration of the project, which should take one year. Also during the construction period, on-street parking around Colonial Lake will be limited as some of this area will be used for construction and demolition. Signs will be posted for parking.”

Key components of the Colonial Lake renovation include:
– A new and improved water supply system so the water within the Colonial Lake Basin will be more consistent with the water quality in the Ashley River.
– Gardens designed and maintained with the highest level of horticultural skill.
– An enhanced promenade around Colonial Lake with new, improved and additional pathways and shade trees.
– New and enhanced seating and gathering places situated all around the lake.
– Slight narrowing of Rutledge and Ashley avenues to add new space to the park as well as slow traffic and enhance pedestrian safety. All travel lanes and on-street parking will be maintained. The additional park space will be used for new street trees, including shade trees along Ashley Avenue.

This project is a public/private partnership with the Charleston Parks Conservancy, the City of Charleston and Historic Charleston Foundation. The planned renovation will transform Colonial Lake into a public park similar in quality to the City’s Waterfront Park. The construction contract cost is about $4 million. The Parks Conservancy has raised $1 million from private donations as well as an additional $200,000 for a park maintenance fund.

Read more about the project, including FAQs, on the Colonial Lake page.

Donations are still being accepted for the park project and maintenance fund. To donate, contact Director of Development Amy Carter or to give online.


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