Won’t You Be a (Park) Angel on Angel Day?

Will you be an Angel? Coming up Thursday, Aug. 22 is Angel Day. The day – first celebrated in 1993 – has religious roots and encourages people to do something kind for someone else. We love the concept and thought we’d tweak it just a bit and encourage people to do something kind for their parks and become a Park Angel.

When the Charleston Parks Conservancy started more than five years ago, we also launched our Park Angel volunteer program. Our Park Angels are the doers, promoters, supporters and faces of the Conservancy. Park Angels volunteer in a variety of capacities, including planting flowers and weeding in the parks, watering the parks in the summertime, volunteering at events and fundraisers and simply spreading the mission of the Conservancy to other park users in Charleston.

We couldn’t do our work without our volunteers. In fact, this summer we’ve had more volunteers at our Garden in the Parks work days than ever before.

Why become a Park Angel?

1. Our parks are widely used by residents and visitors alike so keep them looking their very best all year long.
2. New and renovated parks not only bring joy to local communities they also promote civic pride, physical fitness and increase property values.
3. It’s fun! We have a terrific group of volunteers who enjoy each other’s company and have a great time whether they are digging in the dirt or signing in attendees at an event.
4. Learn gardening tips and techniques for your own gardens and flower beds. Our staff horticulturists are incredibly knowledgeable and eager to share their gardening knowledge with you.
5. Have a lasting impact. Charleston’s parks will be here for generations to come so leave a legacy by making them the jewels of the city.

If you love Charleston’s parks, you’re already a Park Angel. Just make it official and [join our volunteer team](http://www.charlestonparksconservancy.org/join/). We think you’ll look good in a pair of wings.

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