Wishes and Soil Combine for a Successful Tree Planting

The gusts of wind coming off the Wappoo Cut could not deter the 20 plus people planting a tree in Plymouth Park. Plant A Wish co-founders Sara Tekula and Joseph Imhoff stood watch over the shovel carved hole as the crowd assembled at the edge of the water. Conservancy staff member, Kellen Goodell coordinated the efforts to bring the Plant a Wish group to Charleston.

Plant a Wish is a native tree planting awareness project founded in Hawaii that brings local communities together, holds hands-on native tree planting ceremonies in all 50 states, and will culminate in an informative and fun documentary film. Charleston will now have a place in history with this innovative grassroots project.

Co-founders, Sarah and Joe discuss the next steps for the tree planting. Pieces of recycled paper are handed out to all participants who then write their wish down. The local kids came up and told the audience their wish as they placed it in the hole before the tree is planted. The local community in Riverland Terrace steps up with muscle to fill the hole. Thanks to the City of Charleston for donating the tree and having the water available to get the tree growing!

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