Windermere Blvd. Community Garden Plant List

__Windermere Blvd. Community Garden
Plant List__

__Full Sun/Drought Challenged Plantings__
*Perennial- Flowering *
– Bulbine fruticosa ‘Hallmark’ (Bulbinella) 1-2’ clumps of succulent like foliage, covered with yellow-orange flowers from April-November, grow in clumps
– Plumbago auriculata ‘Imperial Blue’ (Imperial Blue Plumbago) 2-3’ clump of lime green foliage covered with brilliant blue flowers, should be cut back within 1’ in July to promote continued flowering
– Ruellia brittoniana ‘Pink Katie’ ‘Blue Katie’ (Dwarf Summer Petunia) 1’ height, grown on 18” centers and in large plantings as a groundcover
– Lantana camara ‘New Gold’ (Lantana) 2-3’ height, matt green foliage
– Hamelia patens (Firebush) 3-4’ height, orange-red flowers from May-November, deep green foliage
– Salvia greggii ‘Cherry Queen’ (Cherry Red Autumn Sage) 2’ height, fine foliage, grow in groups of ten or more
– Rosemarius officianalis (Rosemary) prostrate or upright forms, 1.5’-prostrate forms, 3’-upright forms
– Russelia equisetiformis (Firecracker Plant) arched foliage reaching 2-3’, orange tubular flowers from April-November
– Cuphea ignea  (Cigarette Plant) 1-2’ clump of medium textured foliage covered with small tubular flowers that are orange-red with white and purple mouths, flowers from May through first heavy frost in late fall

– Pennisetum purpureum ‘Princess’ (Princess Napiergrass) warm season, purple foliage, 2-4’ height, sun, dry
– Muhlenbergia capillaries (Pink Muhly Grass) warm season, green foliage, 3’ foliage, sun, dry, flowers September

– Rosa Knock Out Blush (Blush Knockout Shrub Rose) 3-4’ height, when cut back in February and July
– Rosa Knock Out (Knockout Shrub Rose) 3-4’ height, when cut back in February and July
– Rosa Knock Out Pink (Pink Knockout Shrub Rose) 3-4’ height, when cut back in February and July
– Abelia ‘Rose Creek’ (Dwarf Abelia) evergreen, 2’ height, pink late summer flowering through early fall, regular soil moisture, plant on 3’ centers
– Callicarpa americana (American Beautyberry) pink flowers and deep purple fruit, 3-4’ height when cut back to the ground every year in February, dry, native
– Nandina domestica ‘Harbor Belle’ (Dwarf Nandina) 1-2’ height, sun-part shade, drought tolerant when established, plant on 18” centers
– Mahonia Soft Touch (Soft Touch Mahonia)

*Woody Lily Types*
– Aloe saponaria (Soap Aloe) 1-2’ plant height, fleshy foliage, dry, orange tinted fall and winter foliage, 4’ flowering stalks in spring and fall
– x Mangave ‘Macho Mocha’ (Macho Mocha Mangave) 2’ plant height, fleshy foliage, dry, chocolate brown winter color, 6’ tall flower spikes
– Opuntia ellisiana ‘Burbank Spineless’ (Spineless Prickly Pear) 3’ height, clumping habit, green pads are an architectural plant feature in the mixed border
– Aloe x ‘Hedgehog’ (Hedgehog Aloe) 1’, fleshy foliage, orange 1’ flowers in early spring
– Vines
– Clitoria ternata ‘Blue Sails’ (Blue Sails Vine) medium growing vine, 4-8’, annual vine, blue flowers

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