Where to Run?

We want to know: what’s the best running route in Charleston?

Running is a popular activity here in Charleston, which makes sense considering the Holy City hosts a world-class 10K race with the Cooper River Bridge Run. Diehard runners won’t be deterred by the humidity, and Bridge Run participants begin training in January to make it over the slopes of the bridge.

Sure, there are plenty of places to run – parks, downtown streets, the Battery, the beach. Each route has its pros and cons – running downtown means dodging tourists but it’s a great way to squeeze in some window shopping on King Street. And running the beach means sandy shoes but you can’t beat an evening jog watching an orange sunset over the ocean.

So, that’s why we’re asking for your favorite running route. Post a comment and who knows, you just might discover a new place to lace up your sneakers and pound the pavement.

To get you started, here’s a good map of running routes courtsey of The Extra Mile Running Shop.

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