When It Comes to Planting, Think Native

Keep America Beautiful has launched a new initiative, National Planting Day. Set for Sept. 8, National Planting Day “celebrates the value and power of native species in restoring ecological balance to the environment while creating greener, more beautiful communities.”

That concept of using native plants is one we abide by here at the Conservancy as we put new plants in the parks and teach people about gardening. This is particularly important in our climate where hot, humid summers can take their toll on plants that aren’t equipped for this kind of weather.

As Keep America Beautiful notes, “that natives are critical to attracting specialized pollinators and insects, which in turn provide food for birds and ultimately many more animals up the food chain. Natives also provide habitat for wildlife.”

Also many natives tend be hardy, low maintenance and often take less water.

As you’re planning your own gardens, don’t just select what looks “pretty” but think about how you can incorporate native plants. You’ll be much happier, too, when the plants thrive.

Here are a few resources for native plants:
– South Carolina Native Plant Society
– South Carolina Wildlife Federation (good plants for wildlife)

Check out our online resources page for information

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