What’s In Bloom: May

Coming off a busy Double Dig of four days of continuous work in our local parks, it’s time to sit back and soak up the fruits of our labors this spring. The next time you drive or walk by one of these parks, pause to take a look around the really see what’s in blooming. And then you can thank the Conservancy and the Park Angels that make it all happen!

__Brittlebank Park:__ red salvia maraschino; yellow dune sunflower; yellow beach primrose; and red native coral bean.

__Chapel Street Fountain Park:__ hot pink roses; hot pink salvia; purple plectranthus and pink shrimp plants.

__Hazel Parker Playground:__ blush pink roses; pink shrimp plants and purple plectranthus.

__Cannon Park__: pink roses; purple heliotrope and orange bulbine.

__Riverland Terrace Greenspace:__ roses, heliotrope and bulbine.

If you like what you see, please come help us out! Gardeners of all levels as well as beginners are welcome. Check out our events calendar for upcoming Garden in the Parks dates.

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