What’s Growing in 2011?

Home vegetable gardens and shopping at local farmers markets were big in 2010. More people are growing their own food – whether as a means to save money, eat organically or both. Vegetable gardening grow almost 20 percent last year and community gardens were up 60 percent, according to Garden Media Group, which has released its gardening trends for 2011. Its report calls efforts like vegetable gardening and using more environmentally friendly gardening practices “gardening with a purpose,” predicting it will be a major trend this year.

Vertical gardening is also on the trends list. Conservancy Executive Director Jim Martin is ahead of the curve and did a presentation last year on vertical gardening. Check out video clips from that presentation and get inspired to do your own vertical gardening.

Here’s the full list of gardening trends from Garden Media Group:
1. Gardening with a Purpose
2. Eco-scaping
3. Edible Ornamentals
4. Sustainable Containers
5. Succulents
6. Indoor Gardening
7. Growing Up
8. Urban Farming
9. New Urbanism

Are you planning to explore any of these trends in your garden?

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