Volunteers Help Parks Bloom with Daffodils

__Allan Park__

Over the course of three years, the Conservancy has planted 20,000 daffodil bulbs in select parks, including Brittlebank, Cannon Park and Chapel Street Fountain Park. This year we added another 2,000 bulbs to Cannon (making that 6,000 total), planted 2,000 bulbs at Corrine Jones Park and volunteers helped us add 2,000 bulbs to Allan Park.

These new bulbs will start to bloom in March, but look for the bulbs planted in years past to bloom now through the end of February.

A big thanks to our volunteers who helped us! It definitely takes a few minutes to get that many bulbs in the ground.

– Students from Coastal Christian Preparatory School
– Allan Park
– Secular Humanists of the Lowcountry
– Corrine Jones Park
– Students from the College of Charleston’s Bonner Leadership Program
– Cannon Park

Our friends from the RiverDogs were back helping in Brittlebank Park clearing the beds to make room for the daffodil blooms they helped plant last year.

The Band of Buddies from Bishop England High School were trimming and clearing in Etiwan Park so the 600 daffodils bulbs they planted last year would have room to grow.

Be sure to watch our Facebook page as we let you know what plants are blooming in which parks.

If you’d like to have a flower bed full of daffodils at your house, the best time for ordering is October so mark your calendar and then check out our own Paul Wentz explaining everything you need to know for growing daffodils in the South, including the best varieties and tips for site selection.

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