Vegetable Gardeners Should Order Seeds Now!

Every year I wait until I wish I had the vegetable plants in the ground before I started thinking about buying seed. By then it was too late to get what I really wanted. This year, I did not delay, in fact mine are in hand. My thoughtful decisions happened on one of those hatefully cold days in early January.

Within days the pillowed packets arrived stuffed with seed selections that are sure to light up the vegetable garden come spring. Many will be started ahead of time and transplanted into the garden when the chance of frost is past in mid-March. Muskmelons, squash and watermelons are a few that will appreciate the early start.

Beets, carrots, radish, peas and lettuce can go directly into the garden within the next few weeks.

So don’t delay. While those cold, snowbound northerners are busy digging out from the latest snowfall, beat them to the punch and order your seeds today.

My 3 favorite vegetable seed catalogs to order from online or offline:
– Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
– Seed Savers Exchange
– Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Want to learn how to grow a vegetable garden? Come take a class with the Conservancy!

Help for the Home Gardener Series

Series includes 4 classes:
– Starting Seed and Transplants-Everything You Need to Know for Success-HHG Series Class- Saturday, February 19th
– Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden-HHG Series Class-Saturday, March 5th
– Natural Approaches to Dealing with Pest and Diseases in the Vegetable Garden-HHG Series Class-Saturday, March 19th
– Lowcountry Gardening from the Ground Up-HHG Series Class-Sunday, April 3rd.

To learn about each specific class, view the above links for each.

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