Training Young Gardeners

As the school year winds down, think about how you can keep the kiddos learning – and getting some fresh air. One way is to engage them in your home garden. Whether you have a few pots on your porch or several vegetable beds, even the smallest hands can be helpful and learn to appreciate the feel of dirt in their fingers.

Here’s a great article from Better Homes and Gardens on giving your kids a passion for gardening. Tips include:
– Give them their own space. Set aside a portion of your flower or vegetable garden for your kids. Or give them a couple of containers where they can experiment with plants and take responsibility for their care.
– Let them help you out. Even 3 or 4 year olds can scoop dirt or dig a hole. In fact, they love those kinds of activities at that age so put ‘em to work!
– Teach the concept of “farm to table” and grow your own veggies to use for cooking dinner. Let your kids help harvest the crops and prepare the meal.
– Create compost. Even a small compost bin (see our video for tips on getting started) can generate plenty of great food for your flowers and vegetables.

How have you involved your children in gardening? Share your ideas!

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