The Power of Flowers in the Office

Have you ever had flowers delivered to your office … maybe a nice bouquet or a potted plant for a birthday of anniversary? It just brightens up your whole work space doesn’t it? It’s hard not to feel cheerful with a sunny daisy or a blooming lily as desk décor.

That’s the power of flowers. Not only do they bring a pop of color to your cubicle, they can increase workplace productivity. A study in 2003 by the Society of American Florists and Texas A&M University found flowers and plants in the workplace give a boost to problem-solving skills, idea generation and creative performance.

The study also found:
– Specifically, both men and women who work in environments with flowers and plants demonstrate more innovative thinking as compared to environments with sculpture or no decorative objects.
– Men who participated in the study generated 30 percent more ideas when working in environments with flowers and plants than ones without.
– While men generate a greater abundance of ideas, the research shows that women generate more creative, flexible solutions to problems in workplace environments with flowers and plants.

One might also argue the workplace in general has gotten more stressful since this study in 2003 what with layoffs and people expected to do more work in their 40 hours a week. So having some flowers and plants around could be a real boost.

Do you find that having plants in your office sparks your creativity? We’d love to hear your thoughts – and see a photo of your workplace plants (share on Facebook!).

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