Sugar Bakeshop Grows Herbs, Flowers for Downtown Shop

This year, Sugar Bakeshop, 59 1/2 Cannon St., claimed a spot in the Elliotborough Community Garden where staff is growing three kinds of mint used for sun-brewed ice tea, Johns Island watermelon mint popsicles, homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream, and for sugared mint leaves used as decoration on special cakes and cupcakes. And Bill Bowick, one of the owners of Sugar Bakeshop, said the team is experimenting with a homemade mint extract they hope to use in icings.

Plus, they are growing lemongrass, which they add to the daily brewed sun tea along with the mint. It adds a wonderful flavor, Bowick said.

He also explains the staff planted wildflowers in its box for use in flower arrangements in the shop, along with the wildflowers planted along the garden fence. Lastly, the team planted several tomato plants that the staff will share throughout the season.

“We’re so pleased to be a part of the Elliotborough/Cannonborough community garden,” Bowick said.

And, thank you, Sugar Bakeshop for providing sweet treats at the fourth annual Party for the Parks.

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