Stop and Smell the Roses!

We stopped by Windermere Boulevard Community Garden this week while filming a new episode of Down & Dirty with Gardener Jim Martin. Wow, the pink blooms on the knockout roses are terrific. The entire space is in full bloom with aloe, salvia and bulbine.

You can truly stop and smell the roses around Charleston right now as all varieties are dressed in full blooms of white, pink, red and yellow. Next week, be sure to check out the “Tutorials” page for a new Down & Dirty episode as our own executive director and horticulturist Jim Martin takes you on a tour around Charleston looking at some of the many varieties of roses that grow beautifully in the South.

Also, if you’d like to help us keep the garden at Windermere looking so beautiful, join us to volunteer for a Garden in the Parks event there. The next one is Saturday, May. 7.

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