Size Doesn’t Matter

Not everyone has – or even wants – a large yard. Hey, a small yard means less time mowing and more time sipping a cocktail next to the swimming pool. But just because you have a small patch of yard doesn’t mean you can’t create a floral fantasy worthy of a terrific summer party.
– Think containers. If you live in an apartment or condo, your growing space may be limited to your patio. So liven up your space with containers in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and start growing!
– Look up. Vertical gardening is hot, hot, hot so jump on the trend and think about how you can use walls and fences as growing spaces. (Check out the tutorials section of our website for several videos on vertical gardening.)
– Don’t cram your tiny yard so full you can’t even see what you have. Create a plan for your garden, porch or backyard and stick with it.

Do you have a small space in which to exercise your green thumb? Let us know how you’ve made it work.

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