Simonton Says: I’m a Public Park!

Of the more than 120 parks and green spaces in the city of Charleston, we regularly work in 16 of them but are adding more to our list all the time. One of the parks we started sprucing up earlier this year was Simonton Park on Morris Street.

It’s one of the city’s newer parks so there’s a good chance many people haven’t seen it – and maybe didn’t even realize it’s a park! It’s a rectangular green with medium-sized lacebark elms flanking the green space. The Conservancy and volunteers have been improving the floral displays and added a bench.

Simonton is about a block off Cannon Street near Coming and Jasper streets. See our Park Directory for a detailed map.

If you work or live near Simonton Park, join us on Sept. 15 when we’re gardening in the park at 8 a.m. And in the meantime, stop by Simonton and let us know what you think of the improvements.

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