Signing Charleston’s Parks

Several Charleston City parks have new signs. Maybe doesn’t sound like a big deal unless you have ever racked your brain looking for a park, not sure if you have the right one or just plain dumfounded why they just don’t have a sign for your favorite park.

This new sign initiative is a collaborative effort between the Conservancy and the City of Charleston. We worked with Slant Media, a local Charleston based company, to design specifications that would be used as the template for all the park signage. And it wasn’t easy. The design process included choosing just the right shape, size, color and content for each sign. Imagine all the different groups, people and opinions that were delt with. Agreement isn’t a swift process! The Parks Department also did the physical work of digging the holes and setting the posts for each sign-not an easy job!

Recently, brand new signs (nametags if you will) have been popping up at various parks and community gardens around the city. Windermere Community Garden, Etiwan Park, Cannon Park, Simonton Park and Chapel Street Fountain Park were the first Parks to receive the new signs.

As you can see, the signs turned out beautifully as they boast the name of the city park, the seal of the City of Charleston and the seal of The Charleston Parks Conservancy. The parks that got these first signs were chosen for a few reasons. First, the Charleston Parks Conservancy and the Park Angels currently hold regularly scheduled Garden in the Parks days at most of these parks and will be involved with the Horticulture around the signs and in the parks of all of them in the near future. Also, prior to these installations, these parks had no signs.

The goal is to sign all City of Charleston parks. So this is just the beginning!

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