Show Your Parks Some Love!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re kicking off our Show Your Parks Some Love campaign. Treat yourself by giving a gift to something you love and enjoy all year long – Charleston’s parks.

Beginning Feb. 1, we’ll be giving you daily tips via Facebook and Twitter for how to save at least $1 each day. Then on Feb. 14, we’re asking everyone to give the $14 they’ve saved to the Conservancy and “show their parks some love”. If just 72 people give $14, that will be $1,000 for the Conservancy.

What can your dollars do?
– Fund our daily work through Garden in the Parks. Our staff and volunteer Park Angels are caring for more than 10% of the city’s 120 parks and green spaces. Donations buy compost, fertilizer, plants, gardening tools and mulch.
– Fund park renovations. If you’ve seen the new gardens in Windermere Boulevard Community Garden, Hazel Parker Playground and Cannon Park, then you’ve seen the power of the Charleston Parks Conservancy.
– Launch new projects, including a renovation beginning this year in Corrine Jones Park.
– Improve park amenities, such as additional playground equipment, park benches, bike racks, recycling containers, additional trash cans or a community garden.
– Fund education, such as courses on home gardening, video tutorials and other online resources for people interested in learning more about gardening and caring for their parks.

Your donation to the Charleston Parks Conservancy is more than a monetary contribution to the parks. Your gift helps all Charlestonians live in a city that promotes healthier lifestyles, provides more attractions for visitors, improves the overall quality of life and makes Charleston an amazing place to live and work.

Post a comment here if you pledge to save $14 a day so you can Show Your Parks Some Love on Valentine’s Day. Spread the love!

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