September 2019 Park of the Month: Corrine Jones Park and Playground

Corrine Jones Park is gearing up for the next phase of their community garden renovation which includes installing a new hardscape, a fenced-in area for gardens, and the garden beds themselves. Construction is expected to take place this fall.

Corrine Jones Park was one of the Conservancy’s earliest renovation projects. Working with members of the Wagener Terrace neighborhood, the Conservancy raised the money to add a large new playground to the park in 2011 as well as flower beds and plantings.

Work on the Corrine Jones Community Garden began in April of 2019 with the development of the community garden pavilion and garden tool storage. This phase of the project was made possible in collaboration with students from the Clemson Architecture Center in Charleston’s design-build studio class who saw the project through from initial concept to final build. The pavilion marked the first major step towards completing the Corrine Jones Community Garden Renovation.

Work in the new community garden will continue in the coming weeks as volunteers help build raised planting beds for the garden. The community garden will have 60 plots available for lease for community members to raise personal crops of vegetables and 12 community beds which will provide produce to local food pantries.

Community garden specialist Meg Moore and other Conservancy staff horticulturists will provide gardeners with education and instruction on best practices for planting and maintaining their beds. Also, gardening classes are offered periodically to the general public. The Conservancy is also hosting community events like the Movie Night in the Park series which will be taking place on Friday, September 13th.

The Conservancy plans to raise an additional $20,000 in private funds to complete the project. The community is invited to make a donation __[here](

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