Sending Flowers, With Love

In case you haven’t noticed the heart-shaped boxes of chocolates on the store shelves, Valentine’s Day is upon us. And that means one thing: flowers. Lots and lots of flowers.

Right there next to Christmas and Mother’s Day, this day of love is a big one for the floral industry. reports about 224 million roses were produced for Valentine’s Day 2012. Also, of fresh flower purchases only, Valentine’s Day ranks No. 1, capturing 36% of holiday transactions and 40% of holiday dollar volume.

The site also reports that red roses account for just over half of all flower purchases, followed by mixed flowers and other colors of roses. So, roses in general make up more than 75% of flower purchases. That’s a lot of roses.

One tip is to buy your sweetheart a rose bush that can be planted and enjoyed year after year. In general, potted plants, a bouquet of seed packets or garden center gift card are nice gifts that last well beyond fresh cut flowers.

If you are buying roses and want to get creative, think beyond the traditional red and consider one of these colors:
– Orange or coral (meaning desire)
– Red and white (meaning unity)
– Peach (meaning appreciation)
– Lavender (meaning love at first sight)
– Pink (meaning appreciation or perfect happiness)
– Check out this chart of rose colors and their meanings.

What are you Valentine’s Day plans? Do you give flowers?

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