Seeding For Your Fall Vegetables

__From Our Community Garden Specialist Meg Moore __

It is that time again. Come early August you need to start thinking about what you would like in your fall garden and to source your seeds. Living in this warm climate, you are likely going to get lucky with a second round of summer plants, but just remember, if it starts getting cooler before your summer plants like tomatoes are fully ripe, you can always harvest a bit early and they can ripen on your windowsill.

Back to thinking of our fall/winter plants, cue Pumpkin Spice Latte thoughts. We like to buy our seeds from [Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds](, [Johnny’s Selected Seeds](, and [Southern Exposure Seed Exchange]( but you can also find them at your local garden centers. Pick your favorite winter vegetables, like radishes, turnips, beets, rutabaga, kale, lettuce and the list goes on! While you are there, remember to grab some seeding soil mix if you are going to seed in trays. Seeding mix is different from planting mix and is essential for seed germination. Trays can be purchased at a local garden store as well. You can also seed in egg cartons if and any small tray that can help these little ones grow. Read the seed packets for correct seeding depth and germination rate. If you are growing inside, remember to water them twice a day and a sunny window. Don’t soak them but make sure the soil is saturated. Gardening is super fun and good for your health, so don’t be scared to get the kids involved and get your hands dirty!

For more information, please check out our [A Beginners Guide to Gardening]( video series on our Facebook page. I have really enjoyed connecting with you in the garden, and I’m thrilled to see your gardens flourish!

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