Riverland Terrace Greenspace Plant List

__Rosa Knockout; Blush Pink Knockout Rose__

Hardy shrub rose with flushes from April until first frost. Hard winter prune required in February and a light summer prune in June. Like full sun and well-drained soil. Mostly disease free, some aphid problems.

__Crinum Stars and Stripes; Stars and Stripes Crinum Lily__

Old fashioned, native Southern gardening plant. Clumping bulb with long, rich green foliage. White flowers with red/pink stripes on 2 foot stalks in summer. Like full sun, moderately salt tolerant. Foliage damaged by cold temperatures but come back strong.

__Bulbine frutescens; Hallmark Bulbine__

Clumping succulent perennial. Small yellow flowers on 2-3 ft spikes from mid-Spring through fall. Like full sun to part shade.

__Heliotropium arborescens__; __Fragrant Delight; Garden Heliotrope__

Great long blooming perennial groundcover. Blooms have numerous tiny purple flowers that have a strong, vanilla-like fragrance. Full sun.

__Muhlenbergia capillaris; Muhly Grass, Sweet Grass__
Native, fine textured ornamental grass with wispy, pink/purple blooms in the fall. Like full sun.

__Erythrina herbacea; Native Coral Bean__
Native flowering shrub with yellow/green arrowhead-shaped foliage and small spines on stems. Great for native/naturalistic plantings. Tubular red flowers in long spikes from spring into summer. Attracts hummingbirds. Like filtered sun.
Plumbago auriculata; Blue Plumbago__
Evergreen shrub with sprawling, semi-woody stems. Light yellow/green foliage with powder blue flowers, blooms almost all year round, with the exception of cold winter months. Great border plant and also in containers spilling over the sides. Like full sun, flowering reduced in part shade.

__Aloe saponaria; Soap Aloe__

Grow up to 1-2 feet tall, with a spreading habit and succulent pale green leaves with white speckles. Sharp teeth on leaf margins. Produce tall flower stalks a couple times a year, up to 2 feet tall with showy, tubular red/orange flowers. Very drought tolerant, like full sun to part shade. Will produce offsets and expand over seasons.

__Lagerstroemia indica; Crepe Myrtle__

Deciduous tree with a spreading flat topped growth habit. Smooth, peely bark. Pink and white flowers (depending on cultivar) in July. Yellow and orange fall color.

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