Riverdogs’ Staff to Focus on Amazing Bulbs

Bulbs are an odd looking object, both tender and tough while looking deceptively dormant. Sleepy and inert, they are the very image of winter. And then, with very little effort, are buried in the soil. Until early spring, visible activity can’t be seen. Other than the pretty picture in our heads, bulbs will mostly be forgotten.

Like Park Angels themselves, (a little sleepy in the colder months), we rest up and imagine the beauty of lush vistas to come. We do other things, marry ourselves to seed catalogs, make sketches of garden designs on holiday cocktail napkins and think about outings on warmer days to come. And then, one Garden In The Park, we will find ourselves taking off layers and rubbing sunscreen from our eyes. We will stretch, and turn our faces upward. We will look around to find the commraderie of other Park Angels, sharing design drawings on napkins, exchange seeds, and feeling as the flower garden itself, totally alive!

The first step is the planting. This Friday (Jan 14th), colder than I will like, Park Angel volunteers and Charleston’s Riverdogs staff will meet up to plant 2011+ bulbs at Brittlebank Park. The daffodil we will be planting is called Gigantic Star, a very large, saffron yellow, long-lasting bloom with a vanilla-like fragrance. It is a daffodil that returns each year and is great for Lowcountry gardens. Conservancy staff members, Paul Wentz and Kellen Goodell will lead us with a mini class on how to have success with these beautiful treasures. It might even feel a little more like spring!

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