Rain Water Catchment at Habesha Community Garden

I recently returned from Atlanta, GA from the [American Community Gardening Association](https://www.communitygarden.org/about-acga/)’s 2010 conference. We had a chance to visit several community gardens in the area by bike. It really didn’t feel like 97 degrees with that wonderful breeze hitting us in the face. One of the most interesting was the Habesha Garden.

This community garden’s tag-line is “Fulfilling Your Urban Agriculture Needs” The water collection system was front and center with barrels up in the air. Notice the drain pipes on each one used to distribute the water to the garden.

The ones further down the line act as overflow. Keeping them up high lets gravity do the work without a pump.

Recycled fencing and netting act as a support for developing vegetables such as cucumbers and cantaloupes.

The okra flowers are unique in size and scale, giving the plants a floral pop during our mid-day jaunt through the vegetables and herbs.’Developing okra pods. They are beautiful and prolific.

A view of beds designed in many shapes and sizes. Geometry is taught in the garden because of the many shapes found there.

One of the newly painted signs giving anyone who visits the garden a clear sign that agriculture plays a vital role in all our lives.

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