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Part of our core mission is connecting people to parks and, by extension, nature in general. We especially love seeing children and teens out and about in the parks, so when Charleston-based [Sylvan Dell Publishing](http://www.sylvandellpublishing.com/index.php)Sylvan Dell Publishing brought the following books to our attention, we were happy to share! Check out some of these nature-inspired titles – perfect for your summer reading list.

__”Animal Helpers: Sanctuaries”__ By Jennifer Keats Curtis

Just as tiny kittens and puppies grow into bigger cats and dogs, wild animal babies grow into adults too. These full-grown animals may no longer be cute and cuddly. Their wild instincts may kick in. They can become very large, even dangerous. What happens to these exotic pets when owners realize they can no longer care for them but they can’t be returned to the wild? And what about big predators that get hurt or sick? This photographic journal takes readers “behind the scenes” at five nonprofit sanctuaries and rescue zoos, and one care farm, that have opened their doors and their hearts to desperate animals in need.

__”Nature Recycles: How about You?”__ By Michele Lord, illustrated by Cathy Morrison

From sea urchins in the Atlantic Ocean to bandicoots on the Australian savanna, animals recycle all over the world. Explore how different animals in different habitats use recycled material to build homes, protect themselves, and get food. This fascinating collection of animal facts will teach readers about the importance of recycling and inspire them to take part in protecting and conserving the environment by recycling in their

__”On the Move: Seasonal Migrations”__ By Scotti Cohn, illustrated by Susan Detwiler

Imagine seeing hundreds or even thousands of the same type of animal gathered at the same place and at the same time! Right here in North America, many animals gather in huge numbers at predictable times and locations. Not all migrations are tied to seasonal food changes—some are tied to life cycles and the need to gather in huge numbers. Certain birds, reptiles, mammals, amphibians, fish, and even insects migrate during spring, summer, fall, or winter. Travel along with them as you learn about what puts these animals On the Move.

Do you have a favorite nature-themed children’s book? Or have you read one of these titles? Let us know how you like it – post a comment on our blog or share with us on [Facebook](https://www.facebook.com/CharlestonParksConservancy).

*Note: All Sylvan Dell titles are available in hardcover, paperback and eBook through Ingram, Baker and Taylor and other major distributors. Enhanced English and Spanish read aloud eBooks are available online or through Fun eReader on the iTunes store.*

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