Stephen Washington Park Renovation

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Steven Washington Park aka “Wash Diamond” was the center for recreation in the Grace Triangle Community. People all around Charleston/Dorchester knew the importance the field had/has in the
community; when the people of our community would get together after church and talk about what we used to do, we would think of Wash Diamond. It was established during the 1950s and named for the Founder/Coach of the local men’s baseball team, the James Island Pirates. It was also the home field for the women’s softball team, the JI Pirettes.

In addition, there is a historical cemetery adjacent to baseball. There are headstones dating back to the 1800’s.

The Grace Triangle Association has set to raise funds to renovate Stephen Washington Park.

The Association’s goals with the park are as follows:

  • To protect and preserve the park’s history while maintaining a safe haven for all James Islanders.
  • Register the area under the Preservation Society of South Carolina to include a historical sign.
  • Revamp the playing field to meet professional baseball standards.
  • Install a Protector Guard, with proper netting and fencing.
  • Natural ground resurfacing to ensure proper drainage.
  • Cover shelter for the dugouts and supplies.
  • Backstop fencing to protect spectators.
  • More bleachers and scoreboard.
  • Construct a permanent building to house Males/Females restrooms – to include handicap accessibility.
  • Construct a large shelter including benches/tables, water fountain and electrical lighting.
  • Improvements to the children’s play area – slides, climbers, spring riders and tunnel including ground protection.
  • Area for parked cars and 59” length grid bike rack.
  • Removal of trees and bushes from the cemetery to instal benches along the path.


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