St. Julian Devine Renovation

Visit This Park: St. Julian Devine

In an effort to improve a well-used park on the upper peninsula, the Charleston Parks Conservancy has partnered with the City of Charleston and the Eastside community on a plan to renovate the playground and park area at St. Julian Devine Center.

This downtown Charleston community center is located in an historic industrial building, renovated and repurposed in the 1970s for use as a civic building. Today, the center and surrounding park serve as an educational and recreational space managed by the city’s Recreation Department. It is one of a small number of public facilities that serves the diverse communities of Charleston’s upper peninsula.

The highlights of the St. Julian Devine park and playground renovation include grading of the entire site to eliminate mounds, drainage improvements, reworked parking areas and added parking spaces, new site fencing, added plaza at front of park, driveway improvements, complete irrigation systems, and added areas for continued plantings by the Conservancy.

Special thanks to the City Landscape Architect, Rodney Porter, on the playground equipment coordination.

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