Vangie Rainsford Park Renovation

Visit This Park: Vangie Rainsford Park

Nestled just one block from Meeting Street, Vangie Rainsford
Park seems a world away from downtown’s hustle and bustle. This
makes Vangie Rainsford Park an ideal spot to take a breather on a park
bench and enjoy the beauty and seclusion of its iron fountain
and lush gardens. In addition to a grassy area for picnics, the
park contains a bevy of plants all year around. The Conservancy
renovated this small space with colorful floral gardens in 2009
and 2010, and was the key facilitator for the improved tree care
in this park, beginning in Spring, 2010. During that same time,
new signage was installed in the park. About 200 new plants were
planted thanks in large part to the Conservancy
volunteers from the surrounding neighborhood. In 2022, the park was
renamed from Chapel Street Fountain Park to Vangie Rainsford Park
to honor the neighborhood association president. With over five
decades in her position, she continues to serve her community.

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