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Changing lives for women in our community in each and every bloom.

Initiated at Medway Community Garden in 2022, the Cut Flower Program has made a meaningful impact on women in our community throughout Charleston. Through programming and donations, these flower gardens provide therapeutic green care to organizations that uplift and support women’s health and success.

Now expanded to Magnolia Community Garden in the spring of 2024, the cut flower garden has flourished in providing fresh flowers for all our community to enjoy.


fresh bouquets donated in 2023

Uplifting Women in Crisis.

The Cut Flower Program aims to uplift women during difficult moments including postpartum mothers, those leaving abusive relationships, and widows, through strategic community partnerships. In 2024, our expansion plans include building capacity to serve teen mothers through the Florence Crittenton House and other community partners.

Meeting Mothers Where They Are.

Statistics tell us that one in seven women experience postpartum depression, and our cut flower program seeks to improve outcomes for these mothers and others who may lack a support system. Since its inception, the program has expanded from serving postpartum mothers through therapeutic green care to providing bouquets to widows and women who have left abusive relationships.

Blooming Health Benefits.

Research consistently shows that being around flowers has remarkable benefits—reducing stress, speeding healing, enhancing concentration, and improving mood. A 2008 study even found that patients with plants in their hospital rooms experienced significantly fewer intakes of pain medication, more positive physiological responses, less pain, anxiety, and fatigue, and higher satisfaction with their recovery rooms than those without plants.

Join our Flower Share!

Want to take the beauty of the gardens into your own home? The Conservancy raises critical funds through our Flower Share, and you get to take away a beautiful, fresh-cut, seasonal bouquet!

The flower share is offered seasonally throughout the year on a six-week subscription. Be sure to check back here or on our website calendar for the next chance to take your parks home with you.

Volunteer and Support

The Conservancy relies deeply on the commitment of dedicated volunteers in our parks and gardens. Our volunteers have put in over 6,500 hours of work in 2023, and we always have opportunities to get involved. In the Cut Flower Program, the Conservancy has 50+ qualified volunteers for harvesting our blooms and creating stunning bouquets.

From being a harvest helper in the gardens to care for and harvest our blooms to bouquet makers for dedication and our CSA, there is a place to join in! If you are interested in Postpartum Support Charleston’s support group at Medway Community Garden, visit their website here.

  • 60 garden beds available for lease to members of the community from September 1st-August 31st

  • 28 Community Garden beds raising produce for Amor Healing Kitchen and Stone Soup Collective

  • Community pavilion

  • Fruiting trees and vines

  • Vermicomposting

  • Fungiculture

  • Beehive

  • Fresh-cut flower garden

  • Pollinator habitat

  • 60 garden beds available for lease to members of the community from September 1st-August 31st

  • 12 Community Garden beds raising produce for Charleston County Public Library

  • Food waste compost drop site for City of Charleston

  • Rainwater catchment and rain garden

  • Fruiting trees and vines

  • Fresh-cut flower garden

  • Community pavilion

  • Pollinator habitat

Sponsors and Partners

We are thankful for the support from the following organizations. For sponsorship opportunities, email our Director of Development, Emily, at etopham@charlesonparksconservancy.org.