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What is Charleston Trees?

Charleston Trees became a subcommittee of the Charleston Parks Conservancy in 2015 with the goal of  increasing the tree canopy in the City of Charleston. 

A thriving tree canopy is essential to the resiliency of our city and the well-being of the people and wildlife that inhabit it. Trees are more than scenery for our cities. They are critical, life-saving infrastructure that every person in every neighborhood deserves.

Charleston Trees will improve “tree equity” in areas of the city with little or no tree canopy. Tree Equity means having enough trees so all people experience the health, economic and other benefits that trees provide. Per the Tree Equity Score Map project, communities with lower income have 41% fewer trees than higher income areas, contributing to high heat island conditions, lowered air quality, less permeable for stormwater runoff, higher energy costs, and lack of quality in the public realm.

The Parks Conservancy is excited to launch the “Treevitalization” of the Charleston Trees program through building education and awareness of all of the benefits of an urban tree canopy, tree giveaways, tree care workshops, and family-focused events throughout the year. Be sure to subscribe to the monthly Conservancy newsletter and follow us on social media to learn more!

Why Charleston Trees?

  • A mature tree can absorb up to 150 gallons of water per day, reducing stormwater runoff, flooding, and soil erosion.
  • Trees reduce energy use of an area by mitigating the urban heat island effects by providing shading, reducing interior temperatures by up to 10 degrees.
  • Residential properties can see heating and cooling savings by 8%-12%.
  • Proven source for removing known air pollutants.
  • Shade provided from canopy encourages outdoor activity, even in the heat of summer.
  • Reduce symptoms of asthma and stress, as well as improving energy and immune function, increasing mental clarity and attention, along with many other health benefits.

Join us for some exciting tree giveaways + workshops + neighborhood plantings! Click here for a full calendar of events.

Interested in your business sponsoring a tree giveaway? Contact trees@charlestonparksconservancy.org to learn more!

Community Plantings

Have a nearby park that could use some trees? Is your street bare and hot in the summer? Is your school or local business looking empty?

We’re here to support community projects that will bring trees to you and your neighborhood. Fill out our Tree Planting Proposal Form and we will reach out to you!

Haiku Contest

Join us as we celebrate both the relaunch of Charleston Trees and National Poetry Month with a Tree Photo and Haiku Contest! Send us an original photo of a tree along with a haiku that it helped inspire now through May 21st!

We’ll have two categories- one for youth and one for adults. The top two winners from each category will get $50 to spend on swag in our Conservancy store as well as a copy of South Carolina Nature Set: Field Guides to Wildlife, Birds, Trees & Wildflowers of South Carolina. We also share some of the standouts on social media!

A haiku is a short three-line poem that uses sensory language to capture a feeling or image. Developed by Japanese poets, haiku are often inspired by nature, a moment of beauty, or a poignant experience. Haikus follow a strict form: three lines, with a 5-7-5 syllable structure. That means the first line will have five syllables, the second line will have seven syllables, and the last line will have five syllables. A haiku does not have to rhyme or follow a certain rhythm as long as it adheres to the syllable count.

Tree Giveaways

In case you happened to miss the last giveaway in April, there’s still another chance to get a free tree! Register for the next giveaway below.

Tree Education & Resources

Get rooted in your knowledge of the benefits of an urban tree canopy with the resources provided below!