Playtime in the Park

With their lush green grass and shady oak trees, parks are the perfect places to play. From hide-n-seek and Frisbee to tossing the football, the park-friendly games are limitless. But we’ve narrowed down the choices to our five favorite park games.

1. Tag – Great exercise for kids of all ages, tag is simple and you don’t need any special equipment to run yourself ragged. (Check out tag’s Wikipedia page for all sorts of variations on this game.)

2. Cornhole – Sometimes referred to “bag toss,” this game is a park staple. In fact, the Conservancy has its own set of cornhole boards so look for them at our next event. Whether you get the bag into the hole or not, at least you’re having fun trying. What? You’re not familiar with cornhole? Well, read all about it and how to play on the American Cornhole Association website.

3. Ball games – All you need is a ball (maybe a glove) and a partner and you can practice your softball pitch, your football spin or your hacky sack kick.

4. Simon Says – This game is great for young children who enjoy acting silly, making faces and freezing in crazy positions at Simon’s command.

5. Cloud images – After all that running around, collapse on a blanket, stare at the sky and see who can spot the most animal shapes, numbers, letters or faces in the cloud. If it happens to be a clear, cloudless day, just take a little nap.

What your favorite park games? Let’s hear your suggestions for great games and activities to play in our local parks.

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