Planting Spring Bulbs in January

Daffodil bulbs for planting at Chapel St. Fountain Park
The healthy green growth is a sign that these daffodils are still plantable.

The bulbs were given to the Conservancy from the Garden Club of Charleston. Many thanks to Kathy Wade at Carolina Landscape for getting them too us in time to plant this January.

It isn’t to late to plant those leftover bulbs you might have hidden in the garage. In fact there is still time to get them planted for spring bloom. Granted, they will be at least 2-3 weeks off schedule this year, but given a complete year, will adjust to a normal cycle when flowering in year two.

Take a few moments to test whether the bulbs are still alive. Do they feel hard to the touch when rolled between your fingers. Any that are soft, mushy or smell rotten should be tossed aside. The general rule is to plant them two times the length of the bulb.

Once planted, make sure you water them in well. Stand back and watch them grow.

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