Plans Under Way for James Island Community Garden

Fresh vegetables will be growing on James Island thanks to the Charleston Parks Conservancy’s plans for a new community garden in the Riverland Terrace area. For the last three years, the Conservancy has been contemplating adding a community garden in the area. As it considers new projects, the Conservancy often looks for local residents and neighborhoods that will join in the project to assist with planning, fundraising and planting.

Last fall a group of interested residents got in touch with the Conservancy and expressed interest in helping launch a community garden at 2113 Medway Road, about 5 acres of park and green space.  Then Christophe Drumain, a partner at DesignWorks and Riverland Terrace resident, donated his time to create the conceptual plans for the garden. The plans were tweaked based on community feedback earlier this year and have been approved by the City of Charleston Design Review Committee.

The next phase will be fundraising for the project with an anticipated planting date of spring 2014. The garden will be planted in two phases so as interest grows, the garden can be expanded. 

These renderings showcase plans for the community garden. Update: learn more about the Medway Park and Community Garden Renovation.

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