Plan Ahead for Outdoor Events

For outdoor park parties, events, weddings, etc., the first thing we always do is look up the sunset. Depending on the look and feel we want, we base the timeline on the sun.

Secondly, always look up the tide charts to determine incoming or outgoing tides (if near or on water). Incoming is best as it always helps to have a breeze to assist with bugs.

And that brings me to the next plan – we put out mosquito magnets (also a great green product) six weeks prior to an event. I believe one magnet covers about an acre. It is a bit high maintenance, but a party saver! We also spray gardens for no see-ums and mosquitoes the morning of the event.

Next, ALWAYS have a rain plan.

Then it’s time to design. I love uplighting trees and any other beautiful outdoor architecture that helps define a space, but using low lighting/ambient lighting for the party space itself is most important to me. I must have complete control, so every light is always on a dimmer (another crucial feature that is required for our events).

Happy planning!

Recognized as a leading event designer in the Southeast, Tara Guérard is the owner of Soiree, a full-service event planning company based in Charleston.

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