Parks: The Answer to Your New Year Goals

It’s that time of year: New Year’s resolutions. There’s just something about the start of a new year that gives us hope for change and progress. Most people resolve to do things like get in shape, eat better or improve their lives whether financially, professionally or spiritually. Here at the Charleston Parks Conservancy we can help you achieve those goals.

Get in shape. Did you know digging in the dirt burns 186 calories or that weeding burns 172 calories? Plus you have the benefits of enjoying the great outdoors. Come garden in the parks with us and start burning calories!
Eat better. Now’s the time to embrace the concept of food to table. If it comes from a box or a bag, put it down. If it comes from the ground, pile up your plate. You can easily grow some of your own vegetables or check out a local CSA or farmers market (those will reopen in the spring all over town).
Improve your life. There’s something about volunteering and giving back to your community that makes you feel better. We guarantee if you come volunteer with us – whether gardening, serving on a committee or manning a booth at a community event – you’ll improve your whole outlook on life. And if you can’t volunteer with us you can always make a donation that will go toward supporting the parks.
Here are some ways you can get started:

Garden in the Parks events are scheduled for January and February. These are great for individuals or groups looking for a community service project. Come help us out in some downtown Charleston parks: Hazel Parker Playground, Chapel Street Fountain Park, Marion Square and Simonton Park. If you’d like to bring a group, we’re happy to accommodate your schedule. Contact Neves Richards at
Our annual Teddy Bear Picnic is coming up March 10 in Hampton Park. We need volunteers to serve on our planning committee and to volunteer the day of the event. This is a great free, family event that helps children appreciate public parks. To volunteer, contact Neves Richards at

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