Parks Conservancy Seeks Passionate Angels to Take the Lead in Bettering Charleston Parks

CHARLESTON, S.C. – The Charleston Parks Conservancy needs a new round of dedicated citizens to serve as the guardians of Charleston’s city parks. The organization is looking for new Lead Park Angels to advance its mission and to take over for the previous group, who is completing its term.


The Park Angel program seeks volunteers in the community to do everything from literally digging in the dirt to spreading the word and inspiring the community to take ownership in their local parks. The Lead Angels rally the volunteers, serve as spokespeople for the organization and educate the community about the Conservancy’s mission.

Shortly after the Conservancy formed in 2008, it selected six people to serve two-year terms as Lead Park Angels and generate interest in the Conservancy’s Park Angel volunteer program, which now has more than 300 members.

“Becoming a lead Park Angel is a coveted role in our community and allows those who are passionate about our parks to really make a difference,” says Jim Martin, executive director of the Conservancy. “We’re looking for people willing to get their hands dirty – literally and figuratively – in our mission to beautify our parks and green spaces.”

Lead Park Angels will focus on one of the following areas: Educate You gardening and horticulture classes; Garden in the Parks programs and volunteer recruitment; marketing and social networking; membership; special events; and development. Benefits of being a lead Park Angel include free horticulture classes and gardening advice, discounts on Conservancy merchandise, a network of locals interested in the same issue, online resources and more. Selected Lead Angels must be able to attend a Lead Park Angel Summit.

About the Charleston Parks Conservancy
Headed by prominent horticulturalist Jim Martin, the Charleston Parks Conservancy is a nonprofit organization dedicated to further beautifying City of Charleston parks and green spaces. With the help of its Park Angels volunteer force, the Conservancy seeks to rally community support and pride behind the effort to create a lasting movement. For more information about or to support the Charleston Parks Conservancy, please visit



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