Park Angels Expand at Brittlebank

A sod cutter and some serious Park Angel muscle…those are the 2 main ingredients that went into Phase 1 of the bed renovation and expansion at Brittlebank Park.

On our most recent gardening day at Brittlebank, progress was made on the expansion of the planting bed. We rented a sod cutter, laid out a new edge and basically doubled the size of the existing bed. By doing this, we are bringing the bed up to a size that better reflects the scale of the sign and mature trees contained in the bed. Also by expanding, it opens the door to the use of a larger plant pallet where space is not a limiting factor. The plans are still being finalized, but we chose a pallet of Native Plants for the space. It just makes sense with the Ashley River right there and the surrounding environment of the Park. Plus there are just some really cool Natives out there that are underutilized in the landscape; perfect opportunity to show them off.

Phases 2,3,4 and beyond of the renovation will occur soon. Next we will be weeding and composting the bed, preparing to plant. Planting the bed will occur sometime in May and maintaining our work will be an ongoing process.  Check the website for dates and times of workdays at Brittlebank and other Parks. I’ll keep you updated on the progress at Brittlebank.

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