Packing a Picnic

On Saturday, you just have to enjoy a picnic in a Charleston park. It’s International Picnic Day! Our research (read: Googling), didn’t turn up any information on the origins of this holiday, but, hey, we’ll take any excuse to go to the park.

Picnics can range from wine and cheese in a basket to PB&J in a paper bag. The idea is simply to take a moment to enjoy the outdoors while enjoying a meal. To help you get started, here are some of our picks for picnic spots:

__Marion Square: __On a Saturday, picnicking here is practically mandatory and incredibly easy thanks to the many food vendors on site as part of the Charleston Farmers Market. Several large trees provide some great shade for eating your breakfast or lunch and doing a little people watching.

__Hampton Park:__ Spread your blanket near the lake or find a shady corner of this spacious park. This park is great for a romantic picnic for two.

__Angel Oak Park:__ Nothing provides great picnic shade like one of the oldest trees east of the Mississippi. With a mere 17,000 square feet of shade, this park is the perfect spot to sit quietly and take in this wonder of nature.

__Brittlebank Park: __For a family picnic, head to Brittlebank Park where the kids can tackle the playground while you set up lunch. And the water views make a pretty great backdrop for a sunset picnic.

Need some ideas for what to pack in the picnic basket? Check out this article from the with recipes and tips. Or check out the Top 10 Picnic Foods along with suggested recipes (no surprise potato salad and watermelon are on the list).

We want to hear about how you’ll enjoy International Picnic Day – or any day with a picnic. Where’s your favorite picnic spot? What’s your favorite picnic food?

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