Our Top 11 of 2011

Thank you for your support in 2011! We’ve had an exciting year at the Conservancy with many milestones and celebrations. We are grateful for the support of our members, donors and volunteers who made all these accomplishments possible.

Our Top 11 of 2011

1. We acquired 3.7 acres of prime urban park land in West Ashley. The Mount Pleasant Land Conservancy, area residents and the Conservancy are transforming a vacant, overgrown lot at the corner of Magnolia Road and Sycamore Avenue into public park land. The efforts used Charleston County’s Greenbelt fund, specifically from its new small landowner program. The site will be developed as the City’s first Urban Horticulture Center.

2. Charleston’s first public vertical garden is created in Elliotborough Park and Community Garden through the cooperative efforts of the Conservancy, the Clemson Center for Architecture in Charleston and the Elliotborough community. The new garden, a design-build project for students at the Clemson Center for Architecture in Charleston, added growing space, tool storage and new composting bins.

3. 150 new Park Angels joined the ranks in 2011, raising the total to 550. We couldn’t make the commitment to our parks without the Park Angel involvement. Whether spreading the word at this year’s Green Fair in Marion Square or digging a hole for new plantings at Cannon Park, the Park Angels are integral to our success.

4. Educate You expands, offering programs and classes to meet the needs of an increasing audience. Getting kids involved with their parks took on new meaning this year with new classes specifically for the next generation of park goers. From crab trapping to planting a vertical garden, there is something for everyone under the age of 15! We need your help in 2012 with classes.

5. The second annual Party for the Parks brought in $63,000 thanks to sponsors and attendees. The second annual Party for the Parks fundraiser this past April didn’t miss a beat as park supporters filled the Gaillard Auditorium – a last-minute change from an outdoor space because of inclement weather. The party with its street vendors, multi-talented performers and unique setting spread the word about the Conservancy’s efforts and gave all who attended a chance to have fun and support the cause.

6. Park Angels gave 2,483 hours of time to Conservancy programs and projects. Those hours represent time spent installing new playground equipment, fundraising for the cause, and assisting in our educational programming just to mention a few. We need your continued help in 2012. What can you do?  Our volunteer director, Neves Richards, neves@charlestonparksconservancy.org can help answer that question.

7. Corrine Jones Playground is full of neighborhood families as state-of-the-art playground equipment is installed. Thanks to cooperative efforts among the Conservancy, the City of Charleston and neighborhood businesses, organizations and neighbors, a new playground replaces 15-year-old equipment. The community build project was installed starting in October. Just ask the neighborhood kids about its success!

8. New green space gardens were added to Cannon Park, Simonton Park, Marion Square, Brittlebank Park and Elliotborough Park and Community Garden. Each year we add to the beauty with plantings that bring more people to the parks. Beauty isn’t just skin deep when it gets people actively engaged in caring for, walking to, and biking through our green spaces.

9. The new Aqua Angels summer volunteers spent 344 hours watering plants and keeping them healthy during the summer drought. This popular volunteer activity shows how dedicated our volunteers can be in Charleston’s challenging summer weather.

10. The Conservancy celebrated its third anniversary in October. We have made the most of the past three years! Get involved in year four now!

11. 23 park and green space projects top off the list of activity for 2011. We work around the clock connecting people to our parks. Dreaming, planning, plotting and planting can be seen in the many programs and projects the Conservancy has ongoing. Check out what we are doing and support us in 2012.


Your year-end donation ensures our momentum continues in the parks in 2012! (It’s a tax write-off for you as well!)

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