November 2019 Park Angel of the Month: Dr. Frederick Reed

In January of 2019, Dr. Frederick Reed made a $50,000 donation to the Moultrie Playground Renovation project through the Charleston Parks Conservancy for a new pickleball court installation. “Moultrie Playground offers an opportunity to get our older population to be more physically active and involved to produce a truly inter-generational experience. Pickleball is safe, easy to learn and social, and it offers an opportunity to blend all ages.”

Earlier this year, Dr. Reed was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. “Because of my treatment, I can’t play tennis anymore,” said Dr. Reed. “Thankfully pickleball is very user-friendly. At the moment, there are no outdoor pickleball courts on the Peninsula, but I’m still able to play three days a week in Mt. Pleasant.”

Dr. Reed was introduced to the Conservancy by Jim Martin, the Director of Horticulture at the Charleston Parks Conservancy in 2016. “Jim was giving a talk on the importance of local horticulture in the parks, and I was so engaged by his knowledge and enthusiasm that I became a Park Angel to volunteer for the Colonial Lake renovation,” shared Dr. Reed. “Participating in the Conservancy’s, ‘Garden in the Parks’ program was very fulfilling. Although I had made contributions in the past to the Conservancy, I decided I could do more and I donated to this renovation. It’s been wonderful to see the urban garden at Colonial Lake come to life and to see this park become conducive with the natural landscape that encourages outdoor physical activity. Just being outdoors itself has health benefits.”

When renovation plans began to develop at Moultrie Playground, Dr. Reed knew he wanted to help out again. “I played basketball there. I played tennis there with my children. It’s a great central gathering spot,” he said. “As an Orthopedic Surgeon, I’m a supporter of helping people get exercise outdoors, and Moultrie Playground is an opportunity for us to make that happen,” said Dr. Reed.

When asked why he chose to donate in this specific way, Dr. Reed replied, “I hope the pickleball court will help Moultrie Playground continue to be a great communal space that all ages can enjoy.”

The Conservancy is grateful for Dr. Reed’s tremendous contribution to the project and looks forward to adding the first official pickleball court to the Peninsula.

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