November 2018 Park of the Month: Tiedemann Park

Tiedemann Park may be off the beaten path, but it has plenty to offer all kinds of park lovers. Located just a few blocks from the heart of downtown Charleston on Elizabeth Street, this park offers a playground for kids, a big field of play for both pets and people, and a basketball court for all who dribble and dunk. Tiedemann is the only park on the peninsula to offer an on-site nature center with reptile and amphibian displays and educational programs all year round.

Tiedemann isn’t just for children though. One neighbor of Tiedemann Park named Miles said he visits the park multiple times a day with his dog, Trouble. “My dog loves to come here. He couldn’t live without it,” Miles shared. “For me, I enjoy the beautiful scenery and the flowers that bloom here every year.”

Just spend a few minutes at Tiedemann Park and you’ll find other neighbors like Miles taking a stroll in the park. If you come by at the end of the day you’ll see children playing in the grass and climbing up the walls of the playscape. Tiedemann is home to what could be considered it’s most unique feature, the bioswale. The bioswale is drainage depression which divides the playground from the turf. It is home to many water-loving plants including the swamp sunflowers which surround the playground.

Our Zonal Horticulturist Kellen Goodell explained the story behind the prominent golden beauties:
* “The Conservancy installed these plants at Tiedemann in two phases in 2012 and 2013. Since then, they have had much to offer. This native sunflower has rigid stems and lush, hairy, narrow leaves. We prune it in June or July to control the height before it begins to bud in September and bloom in October. Even with pruning the plant to half its size over the summer, it reaches heights that it cannot support itself, especially when it becomes loaded with countless showers of bright golden daisies. Garden staff and volunteers construct armatures with stakes in late summer to support the often 10-to-12-foot tall clumps throughout the swale.”*

“The swamp flower is truly amazing,” Miles said. “The addition of blue stakes really make the flowers and this whole park pop.” Tiedemann is essential for neighbors and a respite for visitors. If you’re either of those two things make sure you drop by Tiedemann Park & Nature Center to catch all that this park has to offer.

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