New Plantings Come to Tiedemann Park and Nature Center

Tiedemann Park and Nature Center included redesigned gardens, a brick and iron decorative fence, re-sodded playing fields and updated playground equipment.

New plantings, new sod, a new fence and new playground equipment have given Tiedemann Park and Nature Center a fresh look this spring. The Charleston Parks Conservancy has worked with the City of Charleston Parks Department and the Mazyck Wraggborough Neighborhood Association on this park renovation.

The volunteer-assisted late April planting along the fence’s outside edge features shade-loving plants such as big-leaf fatsia, autumn fern, Big Daddy hydrangea and bears breeches. The sloped planting strip between the new playground and the playing field has been treated as a bioswale. These trough-like drainage depressions are planted with water-loving plants that act to slow the water down to allow for better absorption and minimal soil loss. Native plant selections such as swamp hibiscus, blue-eyed grass and swamp sunflower will add color throughout the year.

At the end of April, volunteers first assisted in planting along the outer edge of a new fence. The city added new sod, and the Conservancy returned at the end of May with more volunteers to plant a bioswale and add more plants and mulch along the interior of the fence.

The Conservancy decided on a bioswale for the park because of the sloped nature of the section running from the fence to the playground. Bioswales consist of a trough-like drainage course with gently sloped sides and filled with vegetation.

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