New Plantings at Chapel Street-A Total Team Effort

About 200 new plants were recently planted at Chapel Street Fountain Park thanks in large part to the Park Angels from the surrounding neighborhood. Not only did they show up to actually plant the plants — you know, the fun stuff — they were involved in the entire process. From ripping out the old groundcover to composting and mulching the beds, the support from the community around the park has been terrific.

And just because the plants are now in the ground doesn’t mean the support is over. Park Angels are continuing to help out by tending to the new plants and beds during our Garden in the Parks days and doing the all-important task of keeping the gardens watered, which hasn’t been the easiest of things to do lately!

If you haven’t been to the park recently, go check it out. It is one great example of what can be accomplished when the surrounding neighborhood does what it takes to make the park an extension of their own yards and gardens, somewhere they can be proud of.

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