Moultrie Playground Park Design Ideas

Design Ideas for the Moutrie Playground site were explored in a public workshop held June 29, 2010.

The Design Principles:
– Realize the vision of creating a waterfront park on the Ashley River, re-connecting Colonial Lake to the Ashley River.
– Park will increase in size and the design maximizes efficient use of park space.
– Enhances safe enjoyment of the park creating new neighborhood streets along the park edge.
– Increase recreational opportunities by gaining a 280×180 multipurpose field.
– Existing recreation enhancements to include new ball field, tennis courts, and state of the art playground.
– Transform portions of Lockwood Avenue and Broad St. into friendly neighborhood streets with on-street parking.
– Provides safe pedestrian access to and from the Ashley Riverwalk.

The Charleston Parks Conservancy is interested in hearing feedback from the public about the possible redesign. Send us your comments.

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