Meetings in the Park

Why have a meeting in a boring conference room when you can gather in one of Charleston’s beautiful public parks and soak up some fresh air?

The Charleston Parks Conservancy board did just that for its spring meeting. The board opened the meeting at Corrine Jones Playground in downtown Charleston and then headed to West Ashley to check out the progress on the new Magnolia Park and Community Garden.

Why not have your next meeting in a park? The participants will no doubt appreciate the break from the routine and the opportunity to sit in the sun for a little bit rather than at a conference room table or at their desks. Plus, a change of scenery and spending some time outdoors is a terrific boost to creativity.

Check out our Park Directory to find a park near your work and then try a meeting outside. We think you’ll be inspired and refreshed. Who knows … that meeting could be the one that launches the new big idea.

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