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When our fellows thrive, our communities thrive.

We are excited to announce our first Community Horticulture Fellows!

Our Community Horticulture Fellows will work across the state partnering with local governments, nonprofits, botanical garden spaces, and so much more to implement projects that create welcoming & inviting parks & public green spaces for all.

Class of 2024

Kayla Pina

Kayla Pina graduated from the College of Charleston with a bachelor’s degree in business
administration. After spending time volunteering in the community, she worked as an assistant
subcontract administrator expediting projects and inventions for warfighters. Along with Kayla’s LatinX background, passion for plant life, and horticulture, her parents immigrated to the United States, which instilled the importance for cultural values. She is looking forward to incorporating these two parts of her identity and community during her fellowship.

Hadasya “Sasha” Pramesti

Hadasya “Sasha” Pramesti is originally from Jakarta, Indonesia, and has been in living in
Charleston, SC, since 2010. She graduated from the College of Charleston with a degree in
biology and a minor in environmental and sustainability studies. Sasha is interested in the
relationships between plants, culture, environment, and identity and enjoys learning about the roles that food and agriculture play in them.


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