Meet Aqua Angel Allison

Allison Abney

__Job/Company:__ Abney & Morton Interiors

__Assigned Park:__ Allan Park

__Why did you sign up to be an Aqua Angel?__

After helping my neighbors and other volunteers plant Allan Park, I decided to be a water angel. I think it is important for everyone to take care of the parks that so many of us visit and enjoy on a daily, weekly basis. I have watched tiny plants grow to be beautiful flowers and trees in just a matter of months. The experience has been so fulfilling. And it is my time to relax, honestly. I have two young, very busy children, and I look forward to my watering days where I can think and just be outside and water plants. It’s so simple, yet so peaceful.

__How do you stay cool while watering in the parks? __

I usually water in the early morning or early evening when the weather is most temperate. I also bring a giant 32-ounce water bottle and drink while I water.

__Which Charleston park is your favorite and why? __

Allan Park…it is right outside my door, and I have watched it turn from an underutilized dust bowl to a green, lush, beautiful park in the matter of months. I see so many families, friends and neighbors visiting Allan Park now that it has been renovated and re-imagined. The Charleston Parks Conservancy is an incredible organization dedicated to making public spaces beautiful so everyone can fully enjoy their parks and playgrounds … I am a huge fan.

__What’s your favorite summertime park activity or event?__

Picnics are my family favorite — complete with blanket, cheeses, toasts, roasted veggies and fresh fruit, husband, dog and two kids…don’t forget the kids! Now we are teaching my son, Sam, to ride his bike in the park. But early in the summer, the Piccolo Spoleto concert held in Allan Park was very memorable, as well. The park had just been planted and seeing everyone come out and enjoy it was so amazing.

__Why should someone become a Park Angel and volunteer with the Conservancy? __

If you visit a park on a regular basis, you should volunteer a little of your time to make our parks beautiful. Make the time to do it. We all lead busy lives, but it’s important to make volunteering a priority – even if it’s just a couple hours every month.

I believe public parks and playgrounds can instill so much value and beauty in a place and then in turn, that public place, that feeling of relaxation and happiness becomes infectious in the people that visit the parks. They carry that precious feeling back home and in their schools and in their workplace. We all know how enjoyable parks are, but to put yourself out there and actually help make the parks even better, is such an honor. It is such a positive experience all the way around. I promise you won’t regret it!

*Would you like to be an Aqua Angel? Sign up for shifts online or call 843-619-PARK. *

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