Make the Most of the Markets

Now that the farmers markets are open, how do you make the most of your weekly visits? It can be tempting to just show up and pick up what looks yummy, but a little advance planning will ensure you get just what you need.

Here’s a great article from with tips on mastering the farmers market. Tips include:
– Know what’s in season. If you know what items are likely to be offered, you can better plan your weekly menu. You’ll also know how to assess the items you’re buying (bigger isn’t always better!).
– Come prepared. Many vendors take cash only, so swing by the ATM before you go. Bring your own bags and know if your local market takes food stamps or WIC coupons, as many do.
– Take your time. Walk around the market to see who has the best selection and the best prices. Aren’t farmers markets all about a relaxing time anyway?
– Ask questions. Talk to the farmers and vendors, asking about their approach to growing. For example, if you’re really interested in buying organic, be sure to inquire about their methods.

What tips have you found when shopping the markets?

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