Make a Face

It’s that time! Whip out your carving knife and get ready to make a spooky, silly or downright scary pumpkin for your front porch. Like bats and spiders, pumpkins are standard Halloween décor. Whether you get yours from the grocery store or pick your own at the pumpkin patch, now’s the time to get your pumpkin preparations in order.

Check out this fun video from the History Channel with such pumpkin facts as: A serving of pumpkin has .5 grams of fat and plenty of Vitamin A, potassium and fiber. (Bring on the pumpkin pie!) And there are 30 different varieties of pumpkins, but the one we typically carve is a Connecticut field pumpkin.

If you’re not sure how to get started with your carving pumpkin, you can stick with the standard toothy grin or get a little more creative. Check out these pumpkin carving templates and some simple ones from

And for some final inspiration, stop by The Post & Courier website for an instructional video from Chef Ward Morgan of Culinary Institute of Charleston about pumpkin carving.

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